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Accommodations for adults at Sprachcaffe Málaga Plus

During your language stay in Malaga Plus you can stay in our accommodations (apartments, residence or with a family) that you can share with other students so that your Spanish learning will not only stay in the classes but you will be able to practice it at all times: during your stay, in the activities and wherever you want. Below you can see the characteristics of each of our accommodations.


It has the same characteristics as the comfort apartment but it is designed for 2 students who come together or for a single student who does not wish to share an apartment. In this accommodation you will have more independence, if that is what you prefer.

  • Distance: 10-15 minutes walk from the school.

Standard apartment

The student can choose between a shared double room or a single room. Here you will find everything you need to have a comfortable stay while you learn Spanish with us. They are furnished apartments with functional kitchenware for the day to day life.

Some of the amenities included are weekly cleaning of common areas, bed linen and household linen, with laundry services for the latter two. The apartments have a shared kitchen with the roommates and it is equipped with all the necessary appliances. In this type of accommodation you will be able to live with other students, make new friends and practice Spanish with them. It will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience.

  • Distance: 10 minutes walk from the school.

Residence for adults in Malaga

The residence is only available during the periods when there is no U20 program and is located just 10 minutes walk from the school in a quiet residential area.

In addition to having spacious and bright rooms, the house has a living room, reception, lounge with television, and outdoor areas with gardens and spaces where you can enjoy the good weather in Malaga. The residence in Malaga is offered on a Bed and Breakfast basis.


It is the ideal option for students who want a deeper and more authentic linguistic and cultural immersion. Here you will get to know all the customs and lifestyle of Malaga. Our host families are selected by our school and you will feel at home in them. The mothers are communicative and hospitable, and all members are accustomed to dealing with students from all over the world and with particular needs, whether vegetarians, allergic, diabetics, etc. Half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner) or full board with an extra supplement is included in the homestay.

  • Distance: maximum 10 minutes walk from the school.
  • Meals: choice of breakfast, half board or full board.

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