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Tourism in Malaga: what to do and see to enjoy to the fullest

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Tourism in Malaga: what to do and see to enjoy to the fullest

Malaga is a city open to the world, cosmopolitan and pleasant. Everyone who visits Malaga repeats either for its pleasant climate, its jovial and intencacional spirit, its historical and cultural richness, its Mediterranean gastronomy, its beaches and all the leisure possibilities it offers. Undoubtedly, Malaga has earned its reputation as one of the preferred destinations for tourism in Spain, in addition, it has been considered one of the 10 European cities with the highest quality of life.

Excellent climate

Permanent sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the best climate for your language trip!

Beautiful beaches

You can relax on beautiful beaches and do water or mountain sports.

Cultural and historical richness

Malaga is the City of Museums, has more than 40 and has a great historical heritage.

Guided activities

Our monitors lead the activities so that you can relax and have fun with a wide variety of excursions and visits.

Cultural program and activities in Malaga

At Málaga PLUS we work to offer you a complete program of activities in Málaga and excursions throughout the year, because we believe that a combination of activities is what will help you to practice your Spanish after classes.

In our school you will discover that our immersion programs are ideal for immersing yourself in the Spanish language and culture. After the Spanish classes you will be able to attend the activities that the school organizes for you to get to know the best of Malaga, its customs, its gastronomy and other students of Spanish. The international atmosphere is unique: it promotes dialogue between students who share the same objectives; learning the language and getting to know the city better. But don't forget that the best opportunity to practice everything you have learned is with locals. accommodation host families or student residences can be the complement you need.

We have different leisure options available for all levels of Spanish. We also belong to ACEM, the Association of Spanish Schools in Malaga, which also organizes cultural activities and excursions during the week and on weekends.

Thanks to the good weather in Malaga, we can offer a range of activities in Malaga that will not leave you indifferent because the city of the Costa del Sol has a lot to offer: from cultural activities, water or mountain activities, to day trips in the wonderful and famous white villages or the nearby cities in the Community of Andalusia. Do you think there is not enough to see in Malaga? Wait to see all our plans about what to do and see in Malaga and surroundings.

From our school, some of the activities we organize in mid and high season are the following:

Cultural activities in Malaga

Malaga has become a true City of Museums. With more than 40 museums, it can be said that art in Malaga is for all tastes, and best of all, most of them are concentrated in the center of the city. Some of the most famous museums in Malaga are the Picasso Museum, in homage to Picasso, the famous painter from Malaga, or the Carmen Thyssen Museum, a reference of classical art, the Museum of Imagination, the Contemporary Art Center (CAC), the Alborania Museum (Aula del Mar), or the Museum of Flamenco Art "Peña Juan Breva".

Also with Malaga PLUS you will visit the places of interest in Malaga such as the Cathedral or the Alcazaba, and the Palace of the Nasrid Kings, located on the slope of Mount Gibralfaro or the new Centre Pompidou in Malaga. Also of special interest are: the Cervantes Theater or the new Soho Theater of the actor Antonio Banderas. But if your thing is Street Art, you are in luck because Malaga has great graffiti in the neighborhoods of Soho and Lagunillas.

Gastronomic activities

One of the things to do in Malaga that can not miss on your list of activities to practice Spanish and liven up your stay in Malaga is going out for tapas, one of the customs of the Spaniards and that you will soon adopt with enthusiasm. Its verb is tapear and it is a very common social act among locals and Spaniards, which will allow you to improve your Spanish language skills in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying the culinary delights of the Mediterranean.

The leisure and gastronomic offer is very extensive and varied. From traditional bodegas where you can taste the tapas and wines of the region, to the typical beach bars offering our famous "pescaito frito" (fried fish), to modern Michelin-starred restaurants. Another of the most famous Spanish dishes that you have to try during your stay in the city is paella. And as we know that paella is one of the dishes you will not forget, in our school we offer cooking classes to learn how to cook paella, world food or make the popular sangria. Are you up for it?

Weekend excursions

On weekends, the school organizes excursions in Malaga or to internationally recognized cities that are close to the capital of Malaga. You can travel to Granada and visit the famous Alhambra, visit Seville and its Cathedral, Cordoba and its mosque, or Ronda and its bullring. And if what you want is to know more coastal cities, with us you will travel to Tarifa where you can surf, to Nerja, to the famous and luxurious Marbella, to Cadiz or even to Gibraltar. With Malaga Plus excursions you will have the opportunity to get to know all the charm and richness of Andalusia.

Sports activities

Sports activities in Malaga are undoubtedly the biggest attraction for our students, so we take advantage of the beaches and their surroundings for outdoor activities. You can have fun and play soccer and beach volleyball with other students. We also have water activities such as boat trips, kayaking, surfing or even paddle surfing.

Other activities to practice Spanish in Malaga

If your stay in Malaga is of long duration, you will be interested to know that there are more interesting activities that Malaga PLUS organizes such as going to the cinema, language exchanges, salsa and bachata classes, flamenco classes, visits to the San Miguel brewery, the Caminito de El Rey or the El Chorro Lake where you can practice water activities such as paddle surfing or kayaking. With all of them, besides having fun, you will learn a lot about the customs, the language and the way of life of the Spanish people.

Any suggestions for other activities or excursions are possible if proposed with some time in advance and with a minimum number of students.

Why choose Malaga as a destination for your language stay in Spain?

Malaga is a welcoming city that meets expectations: living in Malaga will be an enriching experience. Like all maritime and port cities, Malaga is a very international city with many opportunities for leisure and enjoyment. The best thing about the city is undoubtedly the friendliness and friendliness of the people, which makes your language stay in the city easier. Malagueños are used to living with people of many different nationalities and lifestyles. Living in Malaga you will feel welcomed by them from the very first moment.

2. Historical and cultural richness: Throughout the history of Malaga different cultures have passed through the city, as it was invaded by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, until the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs. This is reflected in its customs, lifestyle and in all the monuments of the city such as the Roman Theater, the Alcazaba, the Castle of Gibralfaro and other churches with a mixture of styles.

3. It enjoys quality of life: currently Malaga continues to grow, and thanks to the development of the Costa del Sol, has become one of the world capitals of tourism, in fact it is considered by the European Commission as one of the 10 European cities with the highest quality of life in Europe.

4. The good climate of Malaga is another of the thousands of reasons why living in Malaga is a good choice if you want to learn the Spanish language. Located in a privileged natural enclave, living in Malaga you will always enjoy the good weather and its pleasant temperatures. The warmest months are July and August with an average maximum of 35º C and a minimum of 25º C. The coldest months are December and February. And although there are rainy days, especially in autumn and winter, Malaga boasts 320 days of sunshine a year. Thus, those who travel to Malaga have the opportunity to enjoy its beaches almost all year round, or to walk along its promenade under the Malaga sun.

5. Malaga is a range of possibilities: living in Malaga is undoubtedly fun. During the day you can go shopping in the many stores in the city center or enjoy its beaches. And at night you will find many options for leisure. In the historic center there are bars, clubs and discos for all tastes, and in the area of Pedregalejo, where our school is located, you will find beach clubs and beach bars where you can have a drink surrounded by a good atmosphere.

How to get to Malaga?

Malaga has very good communications with many of the main national and international destinations. Nationally, Malaga and Madrid are only 2 hours and 30 minutes away by high speed train and Barcelona is only 1 hour by flight or 5 hours by AVE. If you are traveling from outside the country, the best option is to fly to the airport of Malaga - Costa de Sol where there is a great choice of flights, some even direct to the most important cities internationally.

Malaga Airport

Malaga airport is only 14 km from the city center, a half hour drive from the school. It is the fourth busiest airport in Spain. The main airlines operate there. You can continuously find flight offers to Malaga from many cities.

Although it can be reached by different public transport, such as train and bus, the school offers transfer services to reach the school by private vehicle, which makes your arrival more comfortable and relaxed.

Ave to Malaga

Another way to get to Malaga is by using the AVE, the Spanish high-speed train. From the main Spanish cities, in a few hours, you can travel to Malaga. If your flight arrives in Madrid or Barcelona, it is one of the most comfortable ways to reach our city. The station is only 15 minutes by car from the school and in 25 minutes by public transport (bus).

Want to know more about Andalusia?

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