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The best method to learn Spanish

At Málaga PLUS we believe that the best method to learn languages is based oncommunication. We believe in the oral skills of our students, so from the very first day we encourage them to express themselves in the new language.

Our Spanish programs are participatory and we are always looking for the collaboration of our students in class, creating an ideal learning environment. We make students have fun while they progress with the language, which increases their motivation to learn.

In addition to following our own textbook, we use a wide range of current didactic material, such as magazines, audiovisual material or games, and the teachers propose topics of conversation and debates related to current events and the culture of the country. In this way the students practice all the vocabulary and grammar learned in class.

At Málaga Plus you will learn the Spanish language in a relaxed way and you will advance almost without realizing it. All classes are taught in Spanish. Especially in the beginners' courses, gestures, role-plays and illustrated dictionaries are part of the lessons and ensure a direct perception of the subject matter from the very beginning. In addition, our school will offer you support in everything you need.

In the more advanced level classes, students prepare speeches, read newspaper articles or listen to songs, and there is a wide range of extracurricular activities to complement and consolidate the contents studied.

We have a team of native teachers, qualified and passionate about teaching the Spanish language. They will teach the classes in a dynamic way, so that you will have fun while you learn. The interaction between teacher and student, or between classmates, is very important in our lessons.

In addition to our method, the multicultural atmosphere of our school sets us apart. Our students come from all over the world. This will also mean that you will have to communicate with them in the language studied in class, practicing even more everything you have learned.

Study Spanish in Malaga PLUS

If you are going to study Spanish, at Málaga PLUS we use our own method, recognized by the Instituto Cervantes, as well as other methods that were particularly recommended for ELE education. The result is the accreditation as a member center of the Instituto Cervantes, which also certifies us a high success rate in the official DELE exams.