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Spanish courses for adults

At Malaga Plus we have a variety of different courses for adults. There will always be a course that suits your level and the speed that you want to progress.

All are completely flexible because we are able to start a course for all levels except for absolute beginners. If you want to know the dates for absolute beginners, please go to Rates and Reservations.

In our Spanish school there are between 3 and 10 students per class.

Standar Spanish course

Made up of 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week. The lessons take place in the morning, but in high season we can provide afternoon classes.

It is ideal for students that need to learn Spanish at a normal rhythm, without a high workload, and who want to balance studying with enjoying their free time.

Intensive Spanish Course

The intensive course is made up of 30 lessons of 25 minutes per week.

It’s designed for students that need, or want to, learn faster. Students on an intensive course spend all morning studying Spanish. The lessons are focused on grammar, lexis, communication and cultural facts.

Language courses in Málaga for students over 50 years old are an opportunity to learn deeply during your stay in Spain and meet interesting people from many countries. On this course, you can combine leisure, culture and languages with cultural activities that will provide you with a complete experience.



The Languages Plus academies give you the oportunity to learn Spanish in their schools located in Spain’s three most important cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga

Do not settle for only one destination - get to learn Spanish at the same time as you discover the culture of each city.

Course for ELE teachers

Made for Spanish teachers (non natives) that want to recycle their knowledge and be updated with the latest ELE teaching techniques. This course has a structure of 20 private lessons per week, or semi-private if two teachers travel together, or group classes if at least three teachers travel as a group.

Online spanish lessons

Private lessons focusing on grammar and speaking, according to the student’s requirements. Each Skype class lasts 45 minutes. The schedule can be agreed upon directly with the teacher, and all the homework is coordinated by email. You can buy a voucher of 5, 10, 15 or 20 private lessons and use them freely according to your needs.

If you're interested in doing a DELE course in Málaga at our school you’ll find the best training adapted to the date of the DELE exam you want to take. More information here.

Our school is accredited to take the exams to obtain the Spanish nationality CCSE.

The CCSE course is aimed at foreigners who need to obtain the Spanish nationality through the CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain) test.



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