The best method for learning languages

At Málaga PLUS we believe that the best language learning method has its roots in communication. We believe that speaking and listening are of pivotal importance to the entire learning process and for this reason we make sure our students get talking from day one.

Our courses are always interactive and we always encourage participation from all students, creating an environment synonymous with learning. We make sure that the students enjoy themselves while making progress with the language which inspires them to continue learning.

You benefit from a massive bank of learning materials; magazines, audio-visual material and games. The teachers propose topics of conversation and debates related to current affairs and Spanish culture. Using this method students practice Spanish with an ongoing dialog- practicing all of the vocabulary and grammar that they learnt in the class.

The best method for learning languages

With Málaga PLUS you will learn in relaxed manner, ensuring you advance almost without noticing. All of the classes are delivered entirely in the language being studied. Above all in beginner courses gestures, games and illustrated dictionaries form a part of the class and ensure cognitive links are built between images and words (instead of translations from the first language) from the very start. At our school we also offer you support in every area you require, you’ll always be taken care of!

In the more advanced classes the students prepare presentations, read press articles or listen to songs, there’s also a broader spectrum of leisure activities to compliment the learning content.

We have a team of well qualified native Spanish speaking teachers. They deliver the classes in a dynamic way, ensuring you have fun while you learn. The interaction between student and teacher, or between students, is very important in our lessons.

As well as with our teaching methodology we differentiate ourselves from other schools with the multicultural environment in our school. Our students come from all over the world. This ensures that you communicate with fellow learners in the language you are studying, thus further cementing what you have learnt in class.

Learn Spanish in Málaga PLUS

If you are going to learn Spanish, at Málaga PLUS we use our own method which is recognised by the Instituto Cervantes. We draw upon outside methods that have been particularly recommended learning Spanish as a foreign language. This resulted in our accreditation as an accredited centre of the Instituto Cervantes, which also certifies us as having a high success quota in the official DELE exams.