Living in Malaga

Views of Malaga

Living in Malaga is an enriching experience. Like all maritime cities Malaga is a city open to the world, cosmopolitan, modern and friendly.

Without a doubt the most striking thing about Malaga is the friendliness and hospitality of the people, who make your day to day life in Malaga easier. People in Malaga are used to living with people from many different nationalities with many different lifestyles. In Malaga you’ll be made to feel welcome from the onset.

Throughout Malaga’s history many different cultures have passed through it. It was invaded by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans and Arabs until the arrival of the Catholic Kings. This is reflected in Malaga’s customs, lifestyle and the various monuments you can find scattered across the city.

Currently Malaga continues to grow, and thanks to the development of the Costa del Sol it has turned into one of the world capitals of tourism.

Malaga’s Great Climate

Situated in a privileged natural enclave, living in Malaga you will always enjoy the Malaga’s great climate and its comfortable temperatures.

The warmest months are July and August with maximum temperatures of 35C and minimums of 25C. The coolest months are December and February. Although rainy days do exist, especially in Autumn and Winter, Malaga boasts . 320 days of sun per year.

Anyone who goes to Malaga will have the opportunity to enjoy its beaches throughout the year, or enjoy its maritime walks under the Malaga sun.

What to visit in Malaga

Malaga Cathedral

When you choose to visit Malaga you can’t help but enjoy culture, thanks to the fact that the city has 29 museums and art centres, being one of the cities with the highest densities of museums in Europe.

Some of the museums that you can discover are: The Centre of Contemporary Art, The Birthplace of Picasso, The Alborania Museum, The Carmen Thyssen Museum, or the Museum of Flamenco Art “Peña Juan Breva”, among many others!

Gastronomy in Malaga

The leisure and gastronomy offering in Malaga is extensive and varied. Next to traditional wine cellars where you can sample tapas and regional wines, through to the typical open air restaurants on the beach which offer the famous “pescaito frito”, a fried fish, to the modern Michelin starred restaurants.

Enjoy living in Malaga

Living in Malaga is without a doubt fun. During the day you can go shopping at the numerous shops in the city centre or sunbathe on the many beaches. At night you will find many leisure options. In the centre there are many bars, clubs and discos accommodating every taste, and in the Pedregalejo zone where the school is located you can find beach clubs and bars and go on foot to the beach to have a drink or something to eat in a great environment.

Getting to Malaga

The connections to major national and international destinations are excellent. Málaga is connected to Madrid by high speed train in just 2 hours 30 minutes, and Barcelona 1 hour by air or 5 hours by train.

If you are travelling from outside Spain the best option is to fly to Malaga Airport- Costa del Sol, where there are many flight options, many include direct flights to the most important international cities.

You can easily get to the city from the airport. As well as taxis there are many bus lines with which you can get to the city centre in 15 minutes. There are also trains that will get you into the city in 12 minutes.