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Prices and Booking

Here you will find all prices for our courses and adult programmes:

In the Spanish school for foreigners Malaga Plus you can find a wide variety of courses that adapt to the needs that each student may have. Whether you are looking for a complete immersion or want to enjoy a more relaxed holiday, at our school we will offer you a familiar and specialized treatment. Of course, if you are not sure what course to take, we can orient you by email or phone.

Remember that upon your arrival at the school the team of teachers will perform a language test to each student with which we can know your level of Spanish and you can start the classes in the corresponding course. In case you are an absolute beginner it is necessary that start the course on the first Monday of the month in which you want to travel.

If you are between 14- 21 years old and you are interested in Spanish courses for teenagers, please click here.