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Learn Languages Abroad

  • 30 Destinations
  • 7 Languages
  • Multicultural Environment
  • Many different adult and junior programmes


At Málaga PLUS we also want to give you the opportunity to learn languages abroad with travels organized by Sprachcaffe.

During these trips you will experience authentic immersion into the culture of your target language and at the same time as going to class you will get to know a new city where you can practice the language to your heart’s desire. If you are a student at our school doing a language course in another country could perfectly compliment your course to consolidate what you have learnt during your classes here in Málaga.

Sprachcaffe has over 30 different language schools where you can learn languages abroad. In each of these you’ll find many different course options: Standard, Intensive, One to One classes among many others. You’ll always find the perfect course for your needs!

Configure your perfect language course

Various courses to learn languages abroad

With courses to learn languages abroad with Sprachcaffe you can choose between 7 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Arabic and Chinese, and of course Spanish! All of these languages are important at the moment and they will all open many doors to you professionally. Additionally, travelling to another country to learn a language will be a very enriching experience on a professional level.

To compliment your learning and to ensure you reap all the benefits of your stay our schools also organise many leisure activities which will give you the opportunity to get to know more about the lifestyle of your destination as well as better getting to know the other students. As well as parties in the school you’ll experience excursions to other towns and locations. All of these activities are designed to make learning languages abroad a fully unique experience.

The accommodation options are designed to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, as well as fully adapted to your needs. At every destination you will find various accommodation options: residences, apartments, guest family accommodation etc. You can choose the type that you prefer and you don’t have to think about anything other than learning and having a great time. We take care of everything!

International environenment and efficient methodology

Learn languages abroad with Sprachcaffe! It’s a completely unique experience. We offer an exceptional nationality list with students from everywhere on earth. We know that a multicultural environment is beneficial to our students- it also means that you have to communicate with the language you are learning, practicing what you’ve learnt in class all the time!

In all of our courses and all of our schools we employ an efficient methodology which is based in the communication. From the first day on you’ll start speaking your target language, developing your oral capacities while gaining confidence in your new language.

With our highly qualified native speaking teachers the classes are very animated and are always fun. They always try to cover current topics or topics relating to the culture of the country. We have a large bank of teaching materials which we take advantage of to encourage debates and dialogues. We make sure our students constantly interact with each other and are always thoroughly entertained!

Language travel with Sprachcaffe is guaranteed to be a very beneficial experience in every way possible. You will learn quickly almost without realising you are doing so and you will remain motivated to carry on learning. Depending on the destination you choose you’ll find various programmes for young people and adults, each one with its own characteristics. To get more information about the language travel options offered by Sprachcaffe and to find out where you can learn languages abroad, visit the Sprachcaffe website: