Academia Málaga PLUS - Spanish Language School in Málaga

A very international atmosphere with more than 30 different nationalities, our Sprachcaffe Málaga Plus school offers a wide range of fun activities and Spanish courses in Málaga. Our Language school is located a few meters from the beach, in a quiet and safe area, where you will enjoy yourself every day after finishing your lessons.

After 20 years of experience teaching Spanish, Sprachcaffe Málaga Plus stands out for its multicultural and familiar atmosphere. In our bright classrooms and terraces, our teachers will help you to improve your Spanish in record time! 

Our Spanish academy in Málaga is one of the most active of Sprachcaffe´s schools around the world, and they are all dedicated to teaching languages in the best way possible.

If you ever come to Málaga to learn Spanish, we will help you with all matters to make your language trip one of the most unforgettable and unique experiences of your life. We offer different accommodation types and course schedules, extra activities and a tutorial training service to make the most out of your experience.

How to find Sprachcaffe Málaga Plus?

Our school is located on the coast in Málaga, Andalucía, southern Spain. If you are a culture and history lover then you‘ll feel lucky to be in Andalusia. You will find everything you need to satisfy your curiosity here. Also, Málaga is the perfect choice for those looking for good weather, beaches and quiet and familiar places. Furthermore, Málaga has opened more new museums in recent years than any other Spanish city and is a great place to get to know the ancient civilizations that lived in this land many years ago. It’s impossible to take a stroll in the Alcazaba or the Roman Theatre without imagining the lives of those who lived thousands of years ago. 
Our school is located in the east of the city, in a neighborhood called Pedregalejo, a residential area with large villas and avenues lined with palms and other trees. Just 100 meters away from the beach and with very mild weather, you can enjoy the seaside and its pleasures nearly all year round. That´s why Málaga is well-known as “the sunshine coast” with 300 days a year of clear skies.



Why learn Spanish at Málaga Plus?

Sprachcaffe Málaga Plus has been recognized by the Instituto Cervantes, an official Institution entirely dedicated to the studies and use of Spanish. With its recognition, the Instituto ensures the quality of the teaching system in our schools.

Thanks to that certification, we can guarantee our students that their courses are not only adapted to their needs, but also reach the highest and most demanding standards imposed by official organizations.

All these requirements are ensured by our teaching team, who have specific training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They will have you prepared to learn the language efficiently and pass the official DELE exam if you wish to gain an official qualification of your Spanish ability.

Anja Verdegaal (Netherlands)

Malaga PLUS school opinions

I can absolutely recommend Málaga PLUS for everyone. I chose this school because it is not located in the centre of Málaga but in a quiet area with a very nice atmosphere, in Pedregalejo. I also chose Málaga PLUS because they offer their courses at reasonable prices. With the public buses, that run every 10 minutes, you can reach the centre quickly. The school is also close to the beach. There you can find lots of restaurants on the long boardwalk. The classes can be personalized and as intensive as you want to be. For me as a beginner, some grammar and some conversation was perfect. We spoke about many different topics, all in Spanish. The school organized my whole trip, and the price-performance ratio was awesome. For me Málaga represents life at its purest.

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