Are there any age limits for the courses?

The age does not matter at all! Learning Spanish in Málaga is as simple as never before. We offer courses for teenagers as well as for adults without any age limit.

Are there special language courses?

If you are interested in doing a language course for in a special field, contact us and we will advise you.

How do I book my travel?

If you want to take a language holiday, you can book it directly on our website. But if you want to take a language holiday abroad, you will find further information on Sprachcaffe’s website and you can book the chosen travel there.

Is the accommodation far away from the school?

At Málaga Plus we ensure that the students don’t have to walk more than 10 minutes to school.

How are the host families?

All host families are chosen conscientiously and carefully. They should have gained experience with exchange students before. They only speak the native language so that you gain additional practice in talking and you will be completely immersed in the country’s lifestyle. 

Can I bring guests to my accommodation?

The accommodation is only envisaged for our registered students. For that reason it is prohibited to host people. In exceptional cases you can consult the school’s secretary if any room is available at that point in time. 

Will the class of holidays or festivals be repeated another day?

In our brochure, holidays and church festivals are named as day off school. That is why class won’t be repeated.

Do I get a certificate from the school with which I can apply for a visa?

Yes. The student should send us the properly completed registration form, together with the chosen course and its dates. Please note that the application for admission causes an additional charge to the total price. After the registration and payment of at least 50% of the charges, we send the course confirmation as well as the documents for the visa. One month before commencement of the course the rest of the payment has to be made. Finally we will send the definite conformation of the Spanish course and further information about your stay. The student is responsible for taking care of the visa. In the case that the student doesn’t receive the requested visa, Málaga Plus will refund the paid charges except the administration charge, bank charges etc. The student should inform the school in writing about the rejection of the visa as well as present us the notice of rejection for example an official stamp or an official letter of the responsible embassy or consulate. Málaga Plus will inform the corresponding Spanish council about the course’s refusal or its sooner end. 

I live in Málaga and I’d like to learn foreign languages - is that possible in Málaga PLUS?

Of course! Apart from the Spanish courses for foreign people, Málaga Plus offers courses in English and German for those who live in Málaga. Make enquiries about our offer at our website or contact us, if you have any questions.

Which services are available in the school?

Málaga Plus tries to offer as many services as possible such as printing tickets or accompanying to the pharmacy or doctor. We answer any question you ask. Our services are: Free Wi-Fi, access to the library, rent of cars, reservation of taxis, busses and trains, maps of Málaga and other cities in Andalusia, free Apps of our city etc.

Does the total price include the teaching material?

Since 2014 we work with the renowned textbook Aula, published by Difusión. Besides, we have further Material at our disposal. The books can be rented. Thus, the student can use the book during class without writing in it or taking them home. In the case that the student likes to buy the book, he/she has to pay 15 Euro including the CD and access to the online portal. 

I have further questions - what do I do?

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form.