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Spanish Courses in Málaga

Study Spanish in Spain is the best way to learn this language. Thanks to our Spanish courses for foreigners and the language immersion during your stay in Malaga, you'll get better quicklyThe teaching method in Malaga is based on conversation lessons, that's why, while you're learning you'll have conversations with your teacher and partners.

Our Spanish teachers work to keep the atmosphere warm and comfortable, so you could learn with no effort.The number of students in class is reduced, what promotes the participation and the put in the practice of the Spanish.

Our students come from different parts of the world, so you'll find partners of many nationalities, creating in the school an enriching multicultural environment.

Our courses count with all areas of Spanish learning: writing, reading, speaking and listening. All this skills are teached to the student through the interaction in the class, avoiding separating the blocks of grammar and vocabulary and merging all of them and learning by practicing.

We offer all kind of courses based on the level of the student in the CEF: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

What’s included in our Spanish Courses in Málaga:

Our courses include:

  • Initial test before star the lessons (In school hours)
  • Didactic material on loan
  • Tutorials
  • A diploma at the end of the course
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Actividades culturales Malaga PLUS
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