Accommodation in Malaga

In Malaga Plus, we have various types of accommodations that can be adjusted to the student’s necessities and preferences. If you prefer to be immersed into the Spanish culture, a host family would be the best option. Always maintaining comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in order for the student to feel at home during his stay in Malaga. Taking in consideration the student’s age, as the U20 program and the adult’s course have different accommodations.

We make sure that our students save time and money, and are able to walk from their accommodation to school. During the major part of the year we can guarantee you an accommodation within 10 minutes of distance on foot and during the busy seasons, 10 minutes away by bus.

Allergies and special alimentation needs

Many of our students have special alimentation needs, for this particular reason when the student is applying for the course it is necessary to notify the school in order for the staff to know. In Malaga Plus we accept:

Our host families and residences are prepared to take in:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • All types of allergies
  • Vegetarians
  • Vegans

It is also necessary to warn beforehand of allergies or any other condition that may influence the stay in any of our accommodations such as those that have to do with pets (cats, dogs, rabbits ...), dust, mites. Of course, for safety, it is also very important to know those that have to do with drugs such as ibuprofen or penicillin.