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CCSE course for gaining the Spanish citizenship


According to the latest regulations, it is necessary, besides other requirements, to follow the steps stated below in order to obtain the Spanish citizenship.

• Prove at least an A2 level of Spanish. We therefore recommend the DELE preparation course.

• Pass the CCSE test about knowledge of constitutional and sociocultural Spain. The CCSE course is for foreigners who need to obtain the granting of the Spanish citizenship through the CCSE test (Constitutional knowledge and sociocultural Spain). The content of the course focuses on the two main blocks of the test:

  • Government, law and citizen participation in Spain (60% of the test).
  • Culture, history and Spanish society (40% of the test).


Depending on the needs of each student we offer two types of preparation courses:

• One week course: 3 hours.

Two week course: 6 hours.


We offer a course in the morning as well as a course in the evening. However, if you have problems to adjust to this schedule contact us for finding a solution.

  • Evening course Monday & Wednesday 19:15 to 20:45
  • Morning course Tuesday & Thursday 12:30 to 14:00


The course fee includes the CCSE preparation material with questions that can be asked during the test, enrollment fee and further information on the examination for the Spanish citizenship.

  • CCSE course - One week – 40 €
  • CCSE course – Two weeks – 80 €


  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Questions: 25 questions, each one with two or three possible responses, but only one correct answer. Each correct answer is 1 point; false answers are 0 points and without penalty.
  • Minimum score to pass the test: 15 questions answered correctly (60 %).