The studio has similar aspects to the apartment but is best for two students that come together or a student who does not desire to share an apartment. Within this accomodation, you will be able to find complete freedom.

  • Distance: 10-15 minutes away from school

Standard Apartment

You can choose between a shared double and an individual room. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay while learning Spanish with us.

The apartments are fully furnished and feature functional kitchenware for day to day use. One of the facilities provided is the weekly cleaning of the communal areas, the bed clothes, tea towels etc.

The apartments feature a shared kitchen and students have access to all the domestic appliances they need. This type of accommodation allows you to stay with other students, make new friends as well as practice Spanish. Without a doubt a rewarding experience!

Host Family Accommodation

Situated no more than 10 minutes on foot away from the school, this option is ideal for students who are looking for complete and authentic language and cultural immersion. At a host family you will get to know all of the customs and lifestyles of Malaga.

Our host families are specially selected by our school and you will feel just at home. The parents are communicative and hospitable and all of the family members are used to looking after students from all over the world as well as accommodating their particular requirements, whether they be vegetarian, have allergies, diabetes etc.

Half board is included in the price of a host family stay (breakfast and either lunch or dinner). Full board can be purchased for an additional charge.